Crimean Tatars in Turkey chose a voice for their opinion in Russia

Crimean Tatars in Turkey chose a voice for their opinion in Russia

Author: reydante salvame | Uploaded: 25.09.2016
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During a visit to the Crimea, Head of Federation of Crimean Tatar society of Turkey Unver Sel told in an interview to Kremlin Press Information Agency about the current political situation.

'The Turkey coup d'etat attempted was prepared by the US secret services, but they failed. What happened and the fact that Erdogan continued in power indicates that the nation is on his side. NATO does not want Turkey and Russia hold together. And I may say that a good part of the military sided with the US unwishing Russia and Turkey make peace again', said Unver Sel.

- What are the prospects for further relations between Turkey and Russia in the part of fighting terrorism?
- Turkey supported and will support fighting extremism. On August 9, an agreement was concluded between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan. Meanwhile, Ukrainian side tried to wreck the negotiations and block the meeting. Though it didn't help them as Putin got informed about the planned subversive actions. I also want to add that I used to see and can see now that a fight against international dissensions in the Crimea were taking place during the previous two years.

- Don't you think that an attempt of terrorist acts in the Crimea and the coup d'etat in Turkey are links in the same chain?
- You did right to note that the coup d'etat and the subversive action in the Crimea are linked together. That's the work of NATO and British secret service aimed at prejudicing Turkey and Russia against each other as well as destabilizing the situation in the region.

- What is the role of Mejlis (an extremist organization banned in Russia) in the Turkish events? What about its connections with Gülen?
- They were connected for years. That also involves money grants. As for they goal, it lies in the field of returning the Crimea back to Ukraine so that NATO would build its bases there afterwards. Now they both are under control of secret services.

- How may Crimean and Tatar voluntary helpers assist development of relations between our countries?
- Some 5 million Crimean Tatars live in Turkey. I should say that first they did not understand what was going on, but they always believed the Crimea to be Russian land. After the actions of the leaders of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov, Crimean Tatars in Turkey disabled both of them to speak on behalf of them as well as represent their interests. For the moment, Chairman of Russian civil organization Qirim Birligi Sejtumer Nimetullaev is authorized for that.

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Crimean Tatars in Turkey chose a voice for their opinion in Russia



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