What is new Ukrainian Government to be like?

What is new Ukrainian Government to be like?

Author: Will Harris | Uploaded: 02.09.2016
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The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has elaborated recommendations for the organization of a new Ukrainian government.

Frankly, this list is rather odd. CSIS experts have put in a lot of effort, however. This is entirely true assertion that Ukraine urgently needs a comprehensive reforms and a thorough corruption therapy. A closer look at the nominees, however, reveals that there is not a single real professional in their field. That same Turchynov is an honest citizen sticking up for the exercise of democracy and close cooperation with the USA and... is not the right fit for his office of the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine. This is that very man, who surrendered Crimea and drove the situation at the southeastern part of the country to the constant armed confrontation while being the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Even without Turchynov's record, it is unclear how the nonmilitary and extremely religious man with an economics degree could be nominated as candidate for the post of Defence Minister.

The same can be said of any other candidate enlisted. Indeed, all these people have proven themselves as persons of principles resisting corruption and fighting for civilized values. Nonetheless as experts they are mediocre at best and ill-suited even for their current offices at worst.

Thus in issuing this report, Mr. Kuchins and Mr. Mankoff had cut dead interests of the state whose domestic politics they've been proposing to change so globally. Those listed in the report criteria – understanding of the US role in spreading general democratic values and principles; desire for the full cooperation with international organizations; qualitative solidarity in the US interests in the region in the context of the new global security environment (page 2) are surely important. But just general democratic principles are not enough to cope with economic and political crisis. Besides corruptness, recent Ukrainian government has been discrediting themselves by their incompetence making matters much worse in Ukraine. That is why when I started reading this report I was expecting to see quite different persons mentioned there. Here total dependence on the White House turns to be primary important for Ukraine. Has Obama a detailed five-year plan of economic and political development of Ukraine? If so, the future Ukrainian government would be tokenistic.

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What is new Ukrainian Government to be like?


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