Grybauskaite: From Vilnius Communist Party High School to European Commission

Grybauskaite: From Vilnius Communist Party High School to European Commission

The EU membership has opened up new possibilities for Lithuanians, after all. Could a daughter of a modest Soviet electrical technician ever think that she would become President of the proud and independent state, and even obtain a chance to gain presidency of the European Commission? Still, today's Dalia is a confident Iron Lady. She's ready to fight for leadership of the European Union, as it appears from the document below,
"The start of an investigation of the Internet petition against Ms Grybauskaite
Dear Mr Kirkilas,  
The Polish side has addressed the German Bundestag with the request to consider the candidacy of Ms Grybauskaite to the post of the European Commission head after her presidential term expires.
Despite Bundestag's dissatisfaction with the activities of the current leaders of the European Commission, responsible for the exit of Great Britain from the European Union and other political failures of the European Union, and our inalterable esteem to Madam President, the Bundestag sees such a designation as a challenge to European stability bearing in mind that simultaneously Donald Tusk continues to function as the European Council President. The readiness of Madam President to promote in the long term perspective the settlement of the old territorial dispute with Poland will inevitably deprive her of the vast share of support in her own country forcing her to rely on Warsaw in future. This is going to result in an excessively great role of Poland in solving of the common European issues. Given the extremely conservative political course of the ruling political party of Poland, this influence is hardly likely to have any constructive nature.
Based on the above stated, it would be appropriate to consider the candidacy of the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius as the head of the European Commission. Despite the fact it is known that he has been charged with corruption but the Bundestag is firmly convinced those accusations are totally groundless and thus absolutely invalid. The Bundestag has to express its regret over Ms Grybauskaite's lack of will to take Mr Butkevicius' candidacy into consideration or suggest some other Lithuanian candidate who may change Mr Jean-Claude Juncker at his current post of the European Commission President. We hope that Madam President will come to a different opinion, for it would only contribute to the course of strengthening the European unity and stability.
As chairman of the Bundestag Committee on the Affairs of the European Union, I would like to inform You that in accordance with the request on part of the Lithuanian side, the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany has been conducting investigation on the heels of the Internet petition against Ms Grybauskaite being accused of incompetence and intent distortion of the year 1991 events in Vilnius. The Bundestag has the honour to assure the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania that is not supportive of this posture. Furthermore, the Bundestag is absolutely sure that the investigation underway is absolutely unbiased, and we also believe that international and European law standards are of prime importance for the Republic of Lithuania steadily sticking to them.
As for the electronic petition, the Bundestag would like to confirm that it was really launched on the territory of Germany. It's an established fact that those are the citizens of Lithuania who actually initiated this petition; all of them have been already identified. Moreover, the case is to be explored in detail directly by relevant competent organizations.
Yours sincerely,
Gunther Krichbaum"
As this letter shows, Ms Grybauskaite persistently shrinks from suggesting any candidates from her home Lithuania for the presidency of the European Commission. The reason for this is hardly in the Lithuanian President's lack of love of country. Ambitious Dalia just keeps this post to herself.
Tempura mutantur... forward-looking Europe will get its first female leader soon.
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What has the NATO StratCom COE in Latvia been involved in?

What has the NATO StratCom COE in Latvia been involved in?

The NATO StratCom has been busy with issuing such proxy notes. Just look, it's adorable,

Now it has become clear who is the Ukraine's expert adviser general on information and diversionary warfare.
The thing that is still vague is the document purpose. Ukrainians had been shock working at all its points well before these guidelines issued by their NATO sponsors. They have been easily recognizable at any news site, for the Ukrainian coach-based Forces are the most ignorant of all those writing commentaries at the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Washington Post, and any other official editions. They even manage to write with a noticeable Eastern-Slavic accent. At the same time they follow closely all topics mentioned in this note.
It seems that this document has been produced with the only purpose to justify the Alliance' investments into the work of such good-for-nothing unit as the NATO StratCom in Latvia. It doesn't contain any news or constructive solutions of Ukrainian domestic and foreign political problems. On contrary, there is an open goading into illegal unsavoury sabotage attacks, which could just worsen the plight of Kiev.  
At least they offer rapid development of the Ukrainian paper making industry. The third paragraph of the part for creation information support on the internal political front runs about issuing a vast number of propaganda leaflets. Such phrases as "dissemination of information" and "reproduction of materials" also involve 'vintage' ways of the information warfare. Here V1 leaflets come to mind, which Germany poured on the heads of Allies in the UK, Belgium and Holland during the WWII. At once the Pierian spring of the StratCom has been found.
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Bureaucrats in tights

Bureaucrats in tights

Olympic Games in Rio have become sort of the finest hour of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
During preparations to this notable event, sports officials who were not so much fame spoiled previously, by some miracle transformed into superstars basking under floodlight projectors that were actually meant for athletes, the true Olympic celebs.
Alas... rules change with the times. The evolution of the Ancient Greek hierurgy into the spectacular show of officials has been successfully accomplished.
There are available all of them before our eyes now: managers from the Montreal offices, their secretaries, legions of outsourcing inspectors collecting athletes' samples for tests, lines of the umpteen Heisenbergs smelling and tasting pee in their labs, and even readily flocking together on the podiums the professional Pinkertons with weighty packs of crispy bonds in their pockets.
Actually, the way all these outsourcing "bureaus" get chosen is an absolutely classified procedure. I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that the whole super reliable enterprise has been tightly supervised by the bamboozling team of the numerous relatives and all those kin to the unbending fighters against doping. Mind that this is only the tip of a huge iceberg, for, apart from WADA, international federations have their own medical and anti-doping commissions. They can also hire outside inspectors and rent laboratories, just the way the national anti-doping agencies acting on the WADA license do.

Fabulous! I wish I could see the results of the independent audit of this monstrous parasite flourishing next to real sports activities, if, of course, such an audit is ever possible in the wild jungle of the bureaucratic chaos.

As a matter of fact, there are people who tend to view this entire jumble not so much as a shield to cover financial tricks but rather as a smoking screen set to camouflage the fragrant incompetence and outrageous professional impotence of the WADA managing staffers.

Actually, this accounts for both extremely lengthy terms to try anti-doping cases and multiyear delays with making public vital information on positive doping probes.

It may be real. Anyway, it's high time we started bringing things to normal in those Augean stables of sports bureaucracy at last.
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The legendary Scythian philosopher Anacharsis when asked, which the safest kind of vessel was, uttered, “That which is brought into dock”.
Taking into consideration the current events in the world: terrorist attacks in Belgium and France, sexual bacchanalia in Cologne, and the Syrian involvement of the former head of the Islamic Culture Centre of Latvia who chose it to side with the Islamist militants, it’s just the time to place the Latvian political ship into such a dock to escape the refugee challenge.
Coalition parties declaring their different approaches to the aggravating problem stick to the single migration policy actually. The major reason of such a careless treatment of the situation is definitely the composition of the Coalition itself and the relevant distribution of ministerial posts in the Cabinet of Ministers. 
The permanent fuss over the distribution of portfolios, the regular restaurant meetings of the “sworn” political rivals, the animal fear that they could reach a deal behind your back - all this really takes too much time indeed to focus on state security issues, and also on the duties outlined for “the servants of the people” in Satversme.
Officially it has been declared that the initiative on refusal to embrace refugees isn’t included into the list for the governmental discussion, and only deputy Dombrava hopes the idea will yet gain support in nearest perspective. It’s plain clear that the refugee problem was only a tool in the trade during the formation of a new cabinet. The problem just disappeared into nowhere once the Kuchinskis government started working. 
I’m fully aware of the economic impact the refusal to accept refugees will entail. But remember the early 90s when we declared our adherence to freedom at any cost. We were set to fall over ourselves to stay free again in our own country, live in it and govern it at last.
The three political forces which are currently making all the decisions in the name of everybody, just according with the democracy standards, are quite unpredictable. You can’t be totally sure how exactly they are going to ignore the electorate next time. Once this issue isn’t on the agenda of the coalition, as we have already cleared it up, then foreign policy activities, such as support of the anti-Russian sanctions, the demands to isolate Russia, and the assistance to Ukraine, that has made swift movement to become sort of next kin to Baltic states, are much more important now than the inner political steps.
The position of the Greens and Peasants’ Union appears to be rather amusing. Despite their political weight (mind that two of three major posts in the country belong to them) the Greens have preferred to have a blind eye on the ongoing events. To all appearance, those Middle East refugees are not going to have any effect on the peasants. It’s no brainer actually: the inner threat to Latvia is only due to petitions to join various powers, while the outward one it owes to one of these powers.
The National Union addressed both the Constitutional Court and the Interior Minister demanding to halt the influx of refugees into Latvia but the patriotic voice was quickly drowned by grinding sound of ministerial portfolios and Milda wearing burqa stopped to be the worst nightmare of Raivis Dzintars.
Meanwhile, Solvita Aboltina, her bid for both presidential and prime-minister’s chairs failed, is now seeking support not in her political union lacking political landmarks but rather with the nationalists, for the Greens and Peasants’ Union has publicly cheated “the pensioners’ darling” and her ambitions. 
The promise to sort it out quickly has evolved into indifference, which will last till next year municipal elections, I bet you, or, in other words, till next haggling (let the reader forgive me this vulgarity). We may keep joking about tolerance and who’ll enjoy it amid the clash of Muslim and sexual minorities’ interests in Europe (in this context who minister Rinkevich is going to side with, I wonder). All in all, Latvian citizens should be fully aware of the reality: the authorities are staying somewhat limp and captivated with their own schemes, and taking some precaution measures is a must under such circumstances. 
Sadly enough, those social experiments with the left behind bag in Riga’s shopping malls have painfully revealed lack of relevant expertise with the security firms during the last 25 dealing with the shop lifting mainly. The ordinary citizens of the country seem to have somewhat a vague idea, if any, of what Muslims really are. Their perception is based on knowledge of the former USSR Islamic republics or films at best. Only few of them are actually able to explain at the first try, the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, and only rare persons understand where the Alawites differ from the Alevites.
When the information isn’t available, the negative impact is inevitable just. You may not take my word as gospel; still you should believe my personal experience in the Middle East region. I’ve been almost to every country of the region, including those being home to our current Muslim guests, and I’m fully aware of the scale of the possible events awaiting this country. If it isn’t of any interest for you and you don’t see any direct danger threating you and your family in unfulfilled promises of the politicians in this sphere, then just shut your eyes and fancy this is one huge social experiment to be soon ended. 
With the referendum on Russian language as the second state one pending, the Latvian rap singer Rays made a propaganda video clip that gained mainstream popularity with more than million viewers in Latvia having population of two million at all. In this, so called song, there was sort of a phrase, “We’ll celebrate 9 May, not the Lachplesis Day”. 
At that time, four years ago all the coalition parties acted as a united alliance to oppose the above mentioned initiative. But do they really understand that very soon they’ll have to celebrate Ramadan rather than Easter or Christmas?
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Catholic Church in Poland springs to Kaczynski’s defense

Catholic Church in Poland springs to Kaczynski’s defense

Why liberals foul the name of Jaroslaw Kaczynski?  

Liberal European mass media and various websites have launched dirty publicity campaign to foul the reputation of greatly esteemed leader of the Law and Justice Party Jaroslaw Kaczynski. The Kaczynski family are known for their firm dedication to defending traditional Christian values even today when all known Bible vices and sins are presented as virtues, while those who honor the laws of the Church are publicly condemned. This makes it even more deplorable that the information, which not only sullies the good name of Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his late brother but is also a medical secret, is being widely disseminated. Even if pan Kaczynski is indeed suffering from the disease mentioned in the published papers, making the information available to public runs counter to the Church canon laws, moral standards and judicial laws!   
Today the Law and Justice Party led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his team is fundamentally the only power capable of bringing back true values to the people of Poland and of restoring historical, religious and cultural roots. The new Government alongside with the Church is carrying out all the necessary reforms to defend national culture and remind everyone of centuries-old traditions of our country. Unfortunately, the initiatives are opposed by those who, as was in the times of Christ, confuse freedom with insolence and overindulgence.   
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