Tips on how to create petition

1.Share, share, share

Yes, sharing is the fastest way to achieve the necessary support for your petition. You can share either via social networks or sipmly send link to your friend.


2.Write petition correctly


Name of the petition:

The petition should have a clear title that is concise and has a clear goal (to enforce repair of roads, to build a bike path, removal of black landfill).


Text of the petition:

Describe what the petition deals with, highlight important passages to make clear what's going on in particular. You can also add a link to an article dealing with the topic of the petition. For potential signers it is useful to add information about what are you going to do with the petition (whether you are going to pass it to competent authority or to notify relevant authorities that the thing you have promoted attracts a lot of interest).



It should be concise like the title, corresponding to the topic.



The petition may fall within multiple categories (eg. construction of a stadium concerns both the sport and the environment.



Select the country for which the petition is intended (petition text should be written in the language of the country for which the petition is intended).


The number of required signatures:

Enter the number of signatures that you would like to gather under the petition. We will inform you when this number is reached via email. If you don´t enter a number, you can watch for yourself how quickly signatures are being gathered and when there will be enough, you can do whatever is needed with the petition.


When starting a petition, we recommend publication of your signature under the petition – it is more trustworthy.


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