Petition and its origin

Petition and its origin

Already centuries ago in the Chinese Empire was used one way whit which anyone could communicate with Emperor. This method has gradually spread throughout the world and so we can find the word "petition" in our dictionary today.
Petition worked as a link between emperor and his empire. It did not matter if petition was wrote by a simple peasant, scholar, or wealthy burgher. More important was content, because the validity and importance of the problem to which warned decide whether the petition gets to the ears of the emperor. And it is no wonder that the petitions were heard by especially those that pointed to corruption and wickedness in government and among local officials.
Although since a lot of time has passed, meaning of petitions is almost unchanged. Still it can be writen almost by anyone who feels that he knows some problem that needs to be heard and who should know the elected rulers of the country. And again, the most commonly encountered dissatisfaction with the decisions of officials and representatives of the administrations and governments.
But nowadays it is not important to draw attention to the problem of the "emperor", but also the mouthpieces of our time, the media. And if it succeeds, it is not easy for any of those who decide to ignore the will of the people below.
In modern times, the importance of petitions is different because of different forms of governments that recognize the individual states. The greatest weight has, of course, where is enshrined democracy and human voice means something. It is therefore not surprising that the bastion of the petition include America, but also some European countries.
What was in fact does not change, the petition itself. Always contains the communication, requirement, or problem. The petition is writen by author, sometimes more, he or they representing her and allows everyone who agrees with her that was signed by this agreement. And of course, the number of signatures shows that this is the opinion of the people, specific groups or disgruntled individuals. But always speaks of one's discontent and therefore the representatives of the State to address it, because in a democratic society everyone has the same rights and everyone must be well thought of.
So it does not matter who wrote the petition if you agree with her ​​statements, sign and join those who want to say something to the world.

Author: Philip Joneski

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