War reporters have never had a simple job. In recent weeks,they became victims of coercion by extremist group Islamic State.

James Foley. Steve Sotloff. Others may follow. The Islamic State instead of warnings came to a brutal acts. Videos with death records of American journalists traveled the entire world. While people are shocked by the brutality of such messages, the executioner from Islamic State has released face of another journalist, who probably waiting for this fate.He is a British citizen. British Prime Minister David Cameron refused any concessions to the extremist organization.

The Islamic state is trying in this way to obtain finance and also stop the impending attack from America and other world powers. But it is likely that it doesn´t meets with success, the war with terrorists has long shown that an attempt to rescue one man can indirectly lead to the death of many others. On the contrary, the states affected by this kind of incomprehensible violence will attack Islamic State with even greater vigor and determination.

The biggest victims are the journalists themselves. They knew the risks. Yet surely hoped to avoid a similar fate.

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