The Russian-Ukrainian conflict still smoulders. Altought the presidents of both countries several times already agreed to peace,it is always violated by one of the parties. Let's look at the origins and current status of the conflict.

It all started with the Ukrainian revolution. People went to the streets and overthrowed president Yanukovych. While the West was satisfied, Russia did not like the development of the situation, because Yanukovych  was known for his pro-Russian stance. The eastern part of the country, however, was not satisfied with the coup. Separatists occupied a territory arend Crimea, making civil war broke out.

As it turned out separatists found support in Russia. Obtaining weapons. Received military support. A world began to be interested in everything. Because of the separate territory decided to add Russia. President Putin considered this as a sufficient reason for storming the Ukraine with Russian army.

World  maked response to this. NATO, EU, and of course America. They imposed sanctions. They threatened Russia. But the Russian bear was not afraid, on the contrary. Russia established their own measures. A threatened force.

Now it seems that the situation calms down. But the situation could change at any moment. The fact is that the threat of war completely hide the fact that Russia took Crimea, part of Ukraine. None of this has been mentioned. It is question, where will be president Putin satisfied. 

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