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State benefits funding poverty

State benefits should be a life stepping stone for those in living in need and learn life or getting over a difficult situation.  Anyone applying for benefits should be subjected to a drug screen and once they are accepted it should be a requirement that they get a GED if they don't have one and also continue education to get a degree (which could be offered free for 2 years) while looking for employment.  Benefits should be allowed with a maximum of 2 years.  Then the circumstances should be reviewed to continue benefits only because there are extenuating circumstances of disabilities, but that must be proven and being a drug addict or alcoholic is not one of them.  This will help to better society overall and motivate people to get off the couch and stop making excuses, no matter how many children they have. Section 8 HUD housing need better landlords as well.  Landlords that are running an establishment should be penalized for allowing the facility to have roaches and bed bugs. Make them clean it up and get rid of prostitutes and drug addicts in the best interest of the children living there!  If they don't want to better themselves, they don't deserve state help.  They are only taking advantage of the system.  Local city and county authorities should be enforcing the policy of responsibility.  I know people have a lower pay rate these days that makes it harder to survive, BUT they can do better if they have a motivation behind them.  I have known of people giving excuses, talking about how they know they can manipulate the system to get away with things, and just outright being too lazy to do something.  Make the policies stricter and enforce them to give us a better place to live.

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