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SouthPack, LLC

SouthPack is a full-service manufacturer of thermoformed clamshells, blister packs, and vacuum formed trays. As a contract packaging company, they  provide full turnkey packaging solutions from packaging design to rapid prototyping, tooling, custom and stock thermoforming, warehousing, inventory management, EDI and distribution services, to JIT delivery.


Formed in 1991, SouthPack is a manufacturer that works with many Fortune 500 companies and small companies alike. They offer the flexibility of small to large production runs for many types of markets such as medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetics, office supplies, hardware, food, and many more.

Every day they live out their philosophy of ‘Great Products Demand Great Packaging.’ They fulfill production requirements with speed and cost-effectiveness offering unparalleled customer satisfaction.


So, whether you need pharmaceutical blister packaging, sustainable cosmetic packaging, candy packaging, thermoformed plastic products or thermoformed trays, contract assembly, vacuum formed trays, ESD safe electronics packaging, poly bagging, or other packaging services, SouthPack brings industry expertise, flexibility, and unparalleled responsiveness to your project.


SouthPack is headquartered in a large industrial park, conveniently located in central Connecticut and is close to four major New England arteries with over 400,000 square-feet of secure manufacturing and warehouse space at their disposal.


Contact Details:


SouthPack, LLC

One Hartford Square

New Britain






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Petetion to Recognise Ashura as a Federal Holiday 10 signatures remaining 99990

Petetion to Recognise Ashura as a Federal Holiday

Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram, the first Month of the Muslim calendar, and is significant for the brutal murder of Hussain Ibne Ali (Peace Be Upon Him), the dearest grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as well as 72 of his family members and friends by the political tyrant of the era, YazidibneMuawiya. This day of inexplicable grief occurred in Karbala, Iraq in 680 AD.

In accordance with Islamic traditions, it is strongly recommended for Muslims to avoid and abstain from worldly matters the eve and day of Ashura so as to commemorate the sacrifice Hussain (PBUH) made for not just Muslims, but for all of humanity. It is about remembering how Hussain (PBUH) stood up for the principles of justice and freedom for mind, body, and soul previously espoused by the likes of Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (PBUH on them all).

Hussain Stuart up against the tyrants of his times and talk to Manatee a lesson, that we should never bow down against the forces of evil even if it costs us our lives.

"Graceful death is better than the disgraceful life".

Given the timeless nature of his story, it is important that all of us reflect and realize the importance of his struggle. As a result, we urge that the day of Ashura be added to the list of Muslim holidays observed as an official public holiday.

Declaring Ashura as a public holiday could strengthen the ability of the US to project itself, as its founding fathers wanted, as a beacon of justice and freedom to the entire world.

We, the below signed, call on our United States Government and Department of Education to add Ashura to the list of religious holidays observed with a day off for all students attending public schools.

Author: Zaigham Zaheer Syed | 10 signatures

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Removal Of Manager From Eastview Apartment 1 signature remaining 199

Removal Of Manager From Eastview Apartment

Below are some of the fraudulent acts that the manager of Eastview Apartments has done. Miesha Octavius has been seen under the influence of alcohol & drugsin the presence of the people she manages. Miesha Octavius forged names on the eviction notices of tenants she had personal problems with. Miesha Octavius bullies the tenants and intimidates them publicly. Miesha Octavius buys pills and other drugs from her tenants. She has had a lot of sexual relationships with tenants and even moved one of her boyfriends in an apartment other people were on the waiting list to get. Then Miesha Octavius got lights turned on in a bogus name in that apartment. Some of the tenants are living in apartments and the power and other services are in other peoples names. Miesha Octavius fixes paperwork so her friends will qualify to get an apartment. I have witnessed her sign HUD documents dishonestly. I've witnessed her evict a tenant after she was told something by another tenant/friend. The tenants in 603 building are allowed to get away with anything and break rules because she parties, drinks, and has had relationships with some or most of them. The manager of Eastview ABUSES HER AUTHORITY, which makes it hard people to stand up for the right thing whenthey know she's wrong. Drinking, smoking weed, and other things happen right in the business office. Tenants can never catch her at the office because she comes in late and when she does come to work she spends most of her time in the 603 building. Tenant talk about reporting her but she threatens to evict them if they do. She has been evicting people unlawfully for the past year. She also advised us she has FELONIES, so that is something that also needs to be looked into because she has PAID a resident to beat up another resident and bought drugs and used EASTVIEW PURCHASE ACCOUNTS to buy things for her personal rental property. I have several other residents that will give statements against her conduct and VIOLATION of our FAIR housing RIGHTS!!!Now all that is needed are signatures on the petition agreeing to this HUGE VIOLATION and the MISUSE of her "authority."

Author: Marion Robinson marion0222 | 1 signature

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