COD2 Remastered
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COD2 Remastered

Author: Sebastjan Horvat | Uploaded: 18.07.2016 | 2 signatures
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Call of Duty official youtube channel released a new game/trailer called Infinite Warfare. Infinite Warfare also includes package of and old game COD4 so let me say that on easy way. An old amazing game COD4 got remastered from official Activision/Infinity War.

Includes new maps, update from bugs, new LAN/Tournaments and let me say the most important:
I bet that old players are also coming back to this game.

So what is point of this forum/petition? COD4 Has been remastered and now we wan't COD2 to be remastered also. This game (COD2) is the best game that Activision/Infinity War has released and we wan't this game to be remastered to. We wan't new maps, update maps from bugs, some hell pam mode and we want tournaments back also. If you wan't that to come true SING THIS PETITION NOW. Our goal is 25.000.

To whom will the petition be forwarded: Activision/Infinity Ward.

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