Free Ayman Moussa
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Free Ayman Moussa

Author: Mostafa El Sioufy | Uploaded: 08.05.2016 | 2 signatures
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"I'm Ayman, 22 years old (I think), an Egyptian citizen, born in Egypt, lived in Egypt and went to prison in Egypt smile emoticon.

I'm only sentenced with 15 years, thanks to Egypt.
My father used to tell me "Everything's gonna be fine, my little engineer." Every visit he repeats this sentence with a sympathy smile, till that day, Thursday 12/11/2015, I was waiting for a visit that day, but they didn't come...
I went to them!!
I went home but they didn't set me free.
I was snatched from the cell, to another prison, to my home, and they told me the news in front of my house "You're gonna see your family now.. bla bla bla.. and your father is dead." 
Emptiness is all what I can see, hear, smell, feel. My body is hollow.. void! 
"Hey, be cool in front of your family." The officer continued.
"Cool!!" I thought. "Ok, I'll try that." -.-

I once believed that I can fly, so they locked me up in this cage. I once believed that I'm alive, so they buried me in this grave. " Ayman's letter from jail.


Ayman lost his dad while he was in prison. Help him go out of jail before he loses everything else left.

To whom will the petition be forwarded: Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

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