Removal Of Manager From Eastview Apartment
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Removal Of Manager From Eastview Apartment

Author: Marion Robinson marion0222 | Uploaded: 07.10.2015 | 1 signature
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Below are some of the fraudulent acts that the manager of Eastview Apartments has done. Miesha Octavius has been seen under the influence of alcohol & drugsin the presence of the people she manages. Miesha Octavius forged names on the eviction notices of tenants she had personal problems with. Miesha Octavius bullies the tenants and intimidates them publicly. Miesha Octavius buys pills and other drugs from her tenants. She has had a lot of sexual relationships with tenants and even moved one of her boyfriends in an apartment other people were on the waiting list to get. Then Miesha Octavius got lights turned on in a bogus name in that apartment. Some of the tenants are living in apartments and the power and other services are in other peoples names. Miesha Octavius fixes paperwork so her friends will qualify to get an apartment. I have witnessed her sign HUD documents dishonestly. I've witnessed her evict a tenant after she was told something by another tenant/friend. The tenants in 603 building are allowed to get away with anything and break rules because she parties, drinks, and has had relationships with some or most of them. The manager of Eastview ABUSES HER AUTHORITY, which makes it hard people to stand up for the right thing whenthey know she's wrong. Drinking, smoking weed, and other things happen right in the business office. Tenants can never catch her at the office because she comes in late and when she does come to work she spends most of her time in the 603 building. Tenant talk about reporting her but she threatens to evict them if they do. She has been evicting people unlawfully for the past year. She also advised us she has FELONIES, so that is something that also needs to be looked into because she has PAID a resident to beat up another resident and bought drugs and used EASTVIEW PURCHASE ACCOUNTS to buy things for her personal rental property. I have several other residents that will give statements against her conduct and VIOLATION of our FAIR housing RIGHTS!!!Now all that is needed are signatures on the petition agreeing to this HUGE VIOLATION and the MISUSE of her "authority."

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