We want the old inferno
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We want the old inferno

Author: Mzee The CS:GO player | Uploaded: 11.10.2016 | 1 signature
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Well, maybe you don't thing the new inferno what they are planning to release is not that bad and I respect that but I personally thing that, they could stop addning SHITS to their game and (CS:GO) and they could focus on thing that need to be fixed ×cough× bulletreg.×cough×


And if you agtee sign the petition for better gaming experience.

When I bought the game, it was really cool and I was so happy about it. Worked my way all the way to MG and switched between 2 accs. and I liked the game like soooo much but now, I am starting to dislike the game an VALVE itself. I feel like it is not counter-strike anymore and it is some fucked up piece of shit. Like why does it put me on some randomass U.S. server when I am from Czech republic and why do I meet russian motherfuckers all the time what are always last and tell everybody how to play... your players will leave valve, thing about it before you release something (uptades to games etc.) your players may disagree. And fucking take someone, who will always say NOPE when you will plan to release a new gun or new update.

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